01 - Local use of Shopping Monde for your city (free)

- Create a Shopping Monde guide will allow you to federate your efforts to communicate locally on your stores and shops.
- Start by grouping yourself with several merchants to create your own geolocated Shopping Monde guide.
- Then inform the public (residents, visitors or tourists) to give it the reflex to seek you and find you on the guide (see paragraph 3).

02 - Registration and publication of a shop sheet

- Registration and publication are immediate and free.
- Each shop is registered individually and must create 2 pages: one for francophone users, one for anglophones (even if there is no translation).


03 - Public information (residents, visitors, tourists)

- Inform the public about the existence of your local Shopping Monde guide via:
- Hotels
- Tourist offices
- The window stickers on your windows (download model)
- The press
- The documents published by you, by the associations of traders, etc.
- This list is not exhaustive, add your own ideas.

04 - Recommendations

- Before registering a business, check if it can appear on Shopping Monde (see paragraph 5).
- Act with several shops and, if necessary, in coordination with the other actors of the city.
- Carefully complete the sections of your shop sheets.
- The search module is based primarily on the following sections of your pages:
- the title,
- the presentation text,
- the main photo,
- geolocation.
- Even if you do not translate immediately your information, BE SURE TO PUBLISH THEM IN YOUR TWO PAGES FRENCH + ENGLISH!
- Over time, consider checking and keeping up to date information and photos of your pages.
- Each year, you will receive a message to renew your account. This operation is free of charge. It aims to keep the list of shops up to date.

05 - Affected shops and categories of Shopping Monde

- Shopping Monde is made for real shops in the streets and focuses on "pleasure" shopping.

- Shops concerned
- Only publicly accessible shops
- Only shops that can be classified in the following categories.

- Available categories

(These sections may be supplemented.)

- Examples of shops not concerned
- Shops that sell exclusively on the Web, without access open to the public.
- Showrooms, wholesalers.
- Hotels, accommodations, restaurants (they already have specialized online tools).
- The shops of first use (bakery, food, drugstore, do-it-yourself ...), unless they propose an original specialty.
- Tourist activities (amusement parks, animal parks, sports leisure, tours, cruises, bicycle rentals, boat rentals ...).
- Entertainment activities (cinemas, discotheques, shows ...)